What is Stream Voodoo?

StreamVoodoo connects multiple Full HD video feeds with 2-way studio quality sound in real time with almost zero latency worldwide.

Chris Do Testimonial

Chris Do

Emmy Winning Director


The Futur / Blind.com


  • Nearly zero latency from anywhere in the world.
  • Instant HD quality video & audio through your browser.
  • Video quality up to 8k.
  • Studio quality sound @ 320kbps.
  • No data cap, use whatever bandwidth you have.
  • 1 simple click & you are a professional broadcast studio.
  • Fully integrated with OBS.
  • Concierge level support.
  • 1080 full hd logo
  • 4K ultra full hd logo
  • high resolution audio logo

Stream Voodoo

Whether you have a single camera or multiple cameras, our tool lets you instantly stream professional quality video and audio from your device to anywhere in the world.

Comparison Chart
Comparison Chart

We created this pro tool to help you work remotely and still feel present with your audience. We will be glad to help you set up your next stream or video/audio recording session. The quality of this is truly unprecedented. Contact us now to try it out for free.


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About Us

Sam Feuer

Sam Feuer

(Co-Founder & CEO) Sam has successfully grown the interactive agency MindSmack with Marcelo for almost 20 years. During the early times of COVID they recognized the awful quality of streaming video available online. Sam and Marcelo hunted for the best method to help create the most professional video streaming experience on Earth. They met Richard and the rest is streaming history!

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Richard Smrt

Richard Smrt Ph.D

(Co-Founder & CTO) Dr. Smrt started his career as a Neuroscientist but decided to follow his passion for digital media arts. His passion is to help everyone to leverage the power of live streaming content. He is a master at building infrastructures that are reliable, efficient, and world-changing. With more than a decade of experience, he is the main VoodooMaster behind the matrix magic.

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Marcelo Moyano

Marcelo Moyano

(Co-Founder & COO) Marcelo brings an unparalleled creative and technological toolbox. His vision helped lead us to make StreamVoodoo what it is today. As a creative technologist, he is always pushing the boundaries of what others think is impossible to achieve. Marcelo doesn’t just have brilliant ideas, he executes them and delivers ahead of schedule and under budget.

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